Interested In Building A Granny Flat? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Granny flats are a great addition to any property. It allows homeowners keeping their parents or adult children near around along with giving them own space. It can be an additional source of by renting out. Government rules and regulation have paved the way to build granny flats across Australia for most residential areas.

However, before hiring home builders for a granny flat, you have to undertake some researches and ask a few questions to step ahead for a successful project.

Is my backyard perfect for a granny flat?

As your neighbour has a granny flat on their backyard, don’t assume you can also have one. Each territory and state has specific laws for secondary dwelling. It includes the block size, dwelling size, distance to maintain between boundaries, existing house and trees.

Across Australia, a minimum lot size of 450 square metres is permissible that are under complying development. However, the granny flat application is also permissible for a smaller lot size, and in most cases, the maximum size of a secondary dwelling is 60 square metres. Under clause 5.4 of the Local Environmental Plan, in some special situations, your council area may permit you for better granny flat size too.

Consult with an experienced planner to determine whether your backyard is the perfect place for a granny flat.

How much do granny flats cost?

A granny flat may cost between the range of $20,000 to $200,000 or even more. It varies depending on a few factors. For example, the purpose of the granny flat and the quality you want.

For instance, while $24,000 offers a flat-pack DIY dwelling and $70,000 includes a one-bedroom installation, a custom granny flat design starts from approximately $120,000. Also, let us tell you that typically one-bedder granny flats cost about $90,000 and for two-bedder, the range starts from $105,000. Generally, people spend about $130,000 on their granny flat purchase.

How can I finance my granny flat?

You can apply for a home loan if your house is encumbered and you are paying off mortgages.

Since you can make use of the equity of your home to get a new loan or top-up, you have to show enough source of income to repay the new loan.

The application process can also reestimate your home. So, be prepared for that. Have your floor plan and house plan equipped so the appraisers can estimate the value your granny flat may add to the existing property.

Some banks have their products specially designed for granny flat development. If you prefer going for such an option, maybe you need to refinance your current mortgage with a new finance provider. It will help to gain access to your granny flat loan.

How long will it take to get the approval of granny flat?

Usually, an approval for grant flat takes almost three months through the development application with the council. You can use this time in creating the design and concept, detailed plans, choosing and selection, engineering and contract sign. This time even allows you to get an official DA Approval for the secondary dwelling. If your granny flat application is approved through a complying development certificate, the approval timeframe can possibly become within 10 days.

How long will it take to build a grant flat?

It actually depends on a few factors and includes whether you want to put together a grant flat-pack, pre-fabricated unit installation, or building from scratch. Some builders may claim that they can erect a second dwelling as short as six weeks.

The standard time frame for a simple granny flat is around 12 weeks. But it can also take up to 15 weeks for a complex design.

How can I get the approval?

Development approval can go through two methods:

  • Complying Development Certificate (CDC) by a private certifier.
  • Development application by Council

Both approval methods need different documents and proper knowledge. The lack of knowledge may result in spending more money than you had thought on redundant plans and reports.

We have tried to cover as many points about granny flat building we could. Despite if you think we have skipped any important point you can contact us, Modern Sydney Homes. We will be happy to help you. So, contact us without any hesitation.

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