How to Decide the Orientation in a Home Design While Planning It!

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Finally, you’re ready to plan your dream home in Hills Shire. No doubt, the lands here can give you more natural advantages, like sunlight and air, than anywhere else.

So, make sure you take every step carefully, especially the orientation because one mistake can hamper your comfort level while increasing your energy expenses. Yet, decide deliberately which side your house should be on during the home design in Hills Shire.

But do you know how to choose the right orientation for your home? Let us help you with that.

Quick Ways to Choose the Orientation During Home Design

In most cases, we have seen that homeowners in Hills Shire often overlook the orientation during the phase of home design just because the climate is cozy here. They focus on facades, colours, and finishes instead.

If you think the same, you are WRONG! No matter how cosy the climate is in your area, orientation matters. And you cannot change the orientation once the construction is over.

So, you make an informed decision during the home design phase. And by considering the following facts, you can do so:

Wind access:

If your home is around the sea coast, you may take advantage of prevailing winds instead of turning on your air conditioner and increasing the energy bills. So, set the orientation of your home in such a way that the afternoon sea breeze can have access to your bedroom, living space, and dining room through your bigger windows.

Sunlight access:

Solar access is also necessary for a home to make it feel cozy. Also, you can save dollars on utility bills by skipping turning on the light if your bedroom, kitchen, and living spaces have an abundance of sunlight access throughout the year. So, consider it while deciding on the orientation of your home.

Also, you can see our previous home design on our Facebook for more ideas. Hopefully, it will help you here!

Consider the climate:

Observe the climate zone where you are building your new home! For example, Hills Shire experiences both warm and mild winters. Hence, focus on keeping your home comfortable and cozy in every season. In this case, you can even discuss with our home designers to face your home on the right side.

Bottom Line

We hope you understand what you need to consider to decide on the right orientation for your house. Also, you can contact us if you need any help with home design in Hills Shire! Stay connected!

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