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Owning a home feels blessed, especially when it’s a custom one! From the architecture to the floor plan to interior design- Everything you can choose as per your preferences. You can find inspiration in your neighbors’ or home improvement magazines for interior decor ideas.

But what’s about the architectural style? Don’t worry! We have brought a few trending architectural design ideas for custom homes in Parramatta. You can go through it and choose the one that matches your dream home vision and budget.

What Are the Most Trending Architectural Styles for Custom Homes?

Yes, you can look over different websites, from Pinterest to YouTube, for custom home design ideas. But you require some guidance to find the right architectural style. Here, we have shared some architectural design ideas for custom homes. We hope it will meet your desire.

After looking at this brief overview, you can limit yourself to a single style or combine a few to match your ideas. Let’s get started:


This one is the most trending these days among Parramatta homeowners. Its arched doorways look stunning in every entrance with the exterior structure that contains mixed materials of wood, stucco, stone, and bricks. On the other hand, the decorative half-timber framing and multiple gables on the steeply pitched roofs give your home a unique style. Also, you can create the Tudor home, including indoor living in any size you desire or need.

French Chateau

If you are in love with French style, from food to decor, embracing the French Chateau architectural style is not a bad idea! You can have an elaborate home with arched doorways and windows and ornate carving in interior decor. Contrarily, the exterior style won’t disappoint you! The dramatic chimneys and steeply pitched roofs bring the French feel in.


Spanish-style architecture for custom homes is poles apart from others. It holds creativity and timeless effects in its interior and exterior design. For instance, you can see more stone facades, stucco, and adobe in the Spanish architectural style. You can have the home with a tiled (red clay or stone) slightly sloped roof or a flat one. And the best part is to have a large courtyard with water features in the center.

Bottom line

So, which one have you picked? If you want to build a custom home in Parramatta, you can contact us for the house plans and even for floor plans. For more ideas, keep on reading other blogs!

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