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Building a new custom home is, no doubt, a large investment. Even most probably, it is the largest investment of your life. And deciding on the right building partner is a major part of the entire construction process. But how to start the searching process?

If this is your question, you are reading the right blog. Here are some tips to find and make the correct selection of a home builder. So, let’s get started.

  • Define what you want

Figure out your need in term of the type and size of your dream home. For example, you may want a home for your family that should have a large cooking space, a vast playing area for kids, and so on.

Many home builders work for predesigned home, and they may not offer you the customise option to suit specific needs. Some home builders, on the other hand, start working with a blank paper and discuss with you to design a suitable home for you. Usually, home builders are specialized in specific home type, and sometimes it may also comprise the range of price. So, look for a home builder to fit what you expect.

  • Look for experience

How long is the home builder in the business? Are the past clients satisfied? These are the question that should be your next focus points. Scrutinize their website properly and read client testimonials. Don’t be upset if you cannot get the reviews on the website. Ask for references from the home builders and talk to the clients.

Consider asking everything you want to know about the home builder. For example, you can ask the past client – ‘would you recommend the home builder to your closest friend? If you get a negative reply from them, you should think twice before choosing the home builder. They may not be ideal for your new home construction.

  • Is the builder licensed and insured?

In general, home builders across Australia should have a license and mandatory insurances. However, those can vary depending on the state. So, do homework and make sure your builder carries those documents that they should have before making a contract with the home builder.

Ask about the license and insurance that the building company have and check those against an Industry Association or Government Department.

  • Look for a design fit

Builders typically have experience of working with a range of architectural details and design styles. Find a home builder who has worked for at least a handful number of home style that you want.

  • Warranty and Service

The advantage of a brand new custom home is the warranty. The home itself, including the components, system and features, is under warranty. The roof is likely to be years away from even repairing. It is peace of mind for any homeowner.

Look for a home builder who provides warranty of a minimum of ten years. It is ideal to transfer the home to its new buyer. And also consider those home builders who offer courteous and prompt service under the warranty period. It may even include a proper explanation of care and maintenance that you should do.

  • Visit the display homes

As soon as you narrow down the list of potential home builders for your project, visit some of their work. Notify how beautiful the home is looking and how it feels.

  • Look for signs of quality

After all, what you want are quality materials to build your home along with quality workmanship. So, pay attention to the materials of the home and the finishing.

Hopefully, our tips will help you find a good home builder who can transfer your dream home in reality. For further information, feel free to contact us.

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