4 Hidden Costs to Check With Your Custom Home Builders You Never Knew!

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So, you have already bought a plot in Kellyville to build your dream custom home. It’s an amazing suburb, especially for young families. But before the project kicks off, you should have an idea of the overhead costs. We bet you may have never noticed these hidden expenses before. But if you won’t keep a check on it with our custom home builders in Kellyville, you may end up paying a huge amount for the final price!

Also, knowing the hidden costs will ensure you won’t be on the edge of your budget. Here, we have shared a list of those hidden costs you must check:

Structural costs:

Of course, our builders may have provided you with the plan for your dream home. But before you go ahead, we advise verifying the structural expenses first. For this, you should get a quote and ideate the overall costs to spend on the building structure. An estimation will help you determine the expected outlay for materials that can go even higher while considering a creatively designed custom home! You can see the pictures of our previously built custom homes on Facebook.


Tell us first: Is there land attached to your new house? Then, it will also get included in your property. Usually, our builders offer the estimation only for the home, not the land attached to it. So, confirm if they have included the fencing and landscaping costs in the quoted amount for your house. Be open and clear about this fact because many builders charge the homebuyer for the fencing and landscaping costs though it has to be shared with the neighbours. And you are supposed to pay only for your part!


Another expense you often miss out on is flooring while planning your budget. You should have a separate quote for flooring and clear the inclusions with our custom home builders so you can get a flooring plan within your budget, the material of your choice, and your lifestyle.

Site costs:

To estimate the overall hidden costs, you need to consider the expenses that come with the land you have bought. For instance, there are no almost no or little overhead charges for a flat piece of land. Otherwise, it may cost up to $75,000 for site repairs. So, never miss it!

Bottom Line

Hopefully, it’s helpful for you. And if you need service or a quote from our custom home builders in Kellyville, just let us know. We are a call away! Stay connected!

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